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When a fire and / or explosion takes place in a baghouse or filtration system burning fuel and explosive force rapidly expands and will enter the building through the suction side duct system.

These events will likely cause severe injury and damage to property.


A baghouse fire and explosion can occur together or be two individual events.

The installation of a KB EIV in the suction side ductwork will prevent an explosive force from entering a building or workspace.

A KB FireBreak Shutter System combined with the KB Explosion Isolation Valve is recommended for added protection. Often, a fire is present in a bag house and no explosion takes place. The KB FireBreak Shutter System will sense a rise in temperature and isolate the building from the hazard.

A KB High Speed Abort Gate is recommended when filtered air is returned to a building. It is another Important Safety Component that is designed to isolate a hazard at the source The KB HSAG offers Triple Protection with activation by (1) Overpressure without electronic signal, (2) Signal from a Spark Detection System and (3) Signal from a heat sensor that detects a rapid rise of temperature in the clean side duct system. Check out our bulletin or read through our new 2015 manual!

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