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Clamp together ducting was first introduced to the United States as a European development. Its popularity in Europe developed from the need to reduce labor cost and the facilitation of changes that surround the European passion for 'cell' manufacturing. The ease, speed and adjustability of clamp together ducting allow even the unskilled to make modifications quickly.

The attraction of clamp together ducting in America was, at first, largely on the part of the end-user who discovered the same benefits as the Europeans. The enthusiasm naturally and quickly spread to resellers, who, discovering that the customer liked the idea of installing and modifying it themselves, found that they could include it in their filter and/or dust collector sales. And while previously, they either 'gave' the installation portion of the sale to a 'friendly' contractor, or shied away from quick clamp ducting completely, the ease of installation of the clamp together ducting now enabled them to package it with the sale. The sale was more profitable and the customer was thrilled to save money knowing that, with clamp together ducting, they could install it themselves and make modifications without calling in a contractor. Initially, this of course was seen by some contractors as a threat to their livelihood. However several factors over the last 10 years have greatly enhanced the appeal of the clamp together ducting among contractors.

Most recently there have been continuous demands on contractors from many directions. Increased labor costs, insurance costs, and equipment costs, coupled with a dwindling work force caused many to limit their production and to seek outsourced solutions. The shift to quick clamp ducting was a small change in mindset for some who were already purchasing elbows and duct. For others who were involved in production it was a larger leap. Those that made the change found that they could lower their operating cost, purchase AND supply a quality product at a fixed cost with margins often higher than their own shop. The reason is simple.

Bid Specifications for Clamp Together Ducting

Clamp together ducting is a consistently manufactured product. It is produced in a disciplined and continuously flowing production environment. Naturally the cost will be lower than those of someone making custom ducting for the 'job'. These facts combined with the design service of K&B Duct, the liberal return policies AND most importantly, the fast turnaround of product has provided many a contractor with an extremely profitable program. And fast turnaround does not only mean the first order. Obviously one of the biggest concerns is additional parts once the job starts. With the efficient production afforded by the continuous flow of parts at K&B Duct and particularly in clamp together ducting, the ability to meet the customers' emergency situation is easily folded into the regular schedule. In fact, most 'emergency' requests can be fulfilled same day if requested before noon.

The bottom line is that clamp together ducting is widely accepted and preferred by end users and those that sell to them and it has become a standard product, as standard as spiral or flanged duct.



Clamp together ducting is applicable in virtually any dust collection system from wood to paper to chemical. And it is also used in fume and oil mist collection. Even abrasive applications can be accommodated. The standard K&B Duct branches and fittings are fabricated from 18-gauge material as a standard and can be fabricated in up to 10-gauge. Likewise, elbows and duct can also be fabricated in 10-gauge for use in such applications as sand, coal or other abrasive applications.

A wide variety of gasket materials, coupled with stainless steel material makes it possible for K&B Duct to address even the harshest applications. The standard n-butyl rubber gasket is great for 95% of all applications, but the gasket is also available in FDA silicon which is great for food AND hi-temp applications. Viton and Gore-Tex gasket materials address the balance of applications where standard rubbers will be 'eaten' away.

As with any product, clamp together ducting has its limitations and should not be used on heavy concentrations of liquid, or for conveyance of dust under positive pressures. Such applications should use flanged duct with a gasket (also available from K&B Duct).



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