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AutoAire Pneumatic Blast Gates by K&B Duct
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AutoAire™ Pneumatic Blast Gates

AutoAire™ pneumatic blast gates provide total control of air, when and where you need it. K&B Duct's AutoAire™ pneumatic blast gate system can 'stretch' the available CFM of a smaller system and 'optimize' the efficiency of even the largest CFM. Dust collection systems with standard blast gates (cut-offs) often have poor air flow and low suction as the result of operators not closing (or opening) the gates. The use of blast gates (cut-offs ) often threaten the integrity of the dust collection system and can result in poor airflow - especially when the opening and closing of the gates is left to the operator.

K&B Duct's AutoAire™ pneumatic blast gates can provide the solution to these problems by providing automatic opening and closing of the gates AT THE RIGHT TIME. Not only can the pneumatic blast gates increase the efficiency of undersized systems, they can also make it possible to use smaller systems where only intermittent use is required, thereby effectively lowering initial and operating costs.

7K&B Duct's industrial-grade pneumatic blast gates can be utilized in a variety of applications:

  1. Gates only with no controller - Open and close an infinite number of individual pneumatic blast gates by simply turning on and off a machine, switch, or sensor.
  2. Controller for Collector Motor - Open and close multiple pneumatic blast gates by turning on and off a machine, switch, or sensor, AND use a system controller to simultaneously cut on and off the collector fan.
  3. VFD Control (Variable Frequency Drive Control) - An in-line pressure regulator coupled with a controller and VFD functions to continuously regulate and control fan speed (and load) where multiple pneumatic blast gates with multi-combinations continuously change the air requirements resulting in lower power consumption.

K&B Duct's AutoAire™ pneumatic blast gates offer total dust collection control with guaranteed automatic cut-offs and a wide variety of controls to meet the individual need. Optimize the available CFM or size your collector around the practical need.

Unique Features

  • Pneumatic blast gates operate independently of a controller.
  • Positive actuation of the pneumatic blast gate ensures that the gate is fully closed or fully open independently of other blast gates and without adjusting a controller. The cylinder of each pneumatic blast gate is adjustable to control speed of opening and/or closing.
  • Simple installation without "miles" of wire. Controlled systems hook-up in a series so that one wire will control an entire shop or an entire section. On an individual blast gate, the only wire is from the machine to the gate.
  • Quick and easy to use connectors for wire and air tubing (1/4" tube)
  • All sizes, all voltages (line and low voltage)
  • Many choices for activating the pneumatic blast gate: power sensors, vibration sensors, direct wiring, etc.
  • Now 4", 6", & 8" are available as an air tight unit

Who Benefits From AutoAire™ Pneumatic Blast Gates?

  • Small operations running only a few machines at a time and who don't need the collector to run continuously.
  • Multi-man operations wanting to ensure air is available where and when the machines are operating.
  • Large air/energy consumers with continuously changing requirements.
  • Any facility wanting to optimize available air.

Complete the AutoAire™ questionnaire and return it for a free evaluation or contact us for complete information.

Download AutoAire™ PDFs of Brochure Below:

Front and Outside of Brochure - Download PDF
Inside of Brochure - Download PDF
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AutoAire pneumatic blast gates

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